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PHP / Cart Tutorial

In the following tutorials I'll describe the entire process of creating an online catalog and a PayPal Shopping Cart. Click here to view the first sample page I'll be creating.

The goal of the tutorial is to demonstrate how you can use CleverCat to add a similar online catalog to your own website. Some knowledge of HTML will be helpful as a few lines of HTML code must be added to your webpage to make this work. The actual HTML code required is provided and examples are given so that you can decide whether to take on this project on your own or contract it out.

If you've already gotten quotes from your local web design companies you'll likely have found that an online catalog and shopping cart will add somewhere in the range of $3,000 to $5,000 or more to the price tag for a standard website.

I'll use the sample data included with the software so you can follow along if you have not already created your own data.
For most users, the entire tutorial can be completed in under two hours.

These tutorials describe the process from the starting point of having your products in the local database. However, it is possible to use CleverCat only for creating template files for an existing mySQL database. In this case, much of the following information will not apply but I recommend that you look over each chapter anyway.
Also, even if your product data will only ever be recorded online, you may find it easier to create the template files if you enter a few products in the local database. This way, you'll be working with the same Column Names that you have in your online database.

Chapter 1 - Creating a MySQL database
Chapter 2 - phpMyAdmin
Chapter 3 - Data Structure
Chapter 4 - Exporting Data from CleverCat
Chapter 5 - Uploading your Data
Chapter 6 - The Database Editor Utility
Chapter 7 - PHP Templates
Chapter 8 - Adding a Cart - PayPal
Chapter 9 - Adding a Cart - CleverCart
Chapter 10 - Inline Frames (HTML coding required)
Chapter 11 - Linked Templates

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