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Template Design

In this series of tutorials I'll demonstrate creating a variety of catalog templates. I'll be using the sample data which is included with the software so you can follow along.

The tutorials are divided into several sections so you can jump ahead or skip sections that don't apply to you.

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - Page Setup
Chapter 3 - Product Display Units
Chapter 4 - Detail Tables
Chapter 5 - Formatting

The tutorials above contain general instructions for all template types. There are specifc design considerations for some template styles.

Chapter 6 - Dynamic Templates
Chapter 7 - Feature / Summary Templates

Templates for HTML/PHP and Dynamic PDF are similar to those for printed or standard PDF. In most cases, you can use the same template you create for printing for an online template. There are a few minor differences and these are covered in the next chapters.

Chapter 8 - HTML / PHP
Chapter 9 - Dynamic PDF

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