CleverCat Tutorials

CleverCat is continually evolving to keep up with the latest technology and to meet your needs. As a result, some of the screenshots and instructions in the user manual and videos may be out of date.
We will continue to update videos and the PDF manual but the HTML-based tutorials below will always contain the most recent and accurate information.

Many tutorials are also available as short videos on this YouTube channel: CleverCat Tutorials
and a PDF version of the User Manual and Quick Start Guide is available for download.


These are the tutorials for the PC-Based version of the software. Tutorials for the all-new, Cloud-based version are here: CleverCat Online

The Data Tutorials provide information about importing and exporting data and other data management tasks.

Data Tutorials

The Template Tutorials describe selecting and creating a variety of template styles.

Template Tutorials

The PHP Tutorials explain how to create an online catalog, cart and Dynamic PDFs.

PHP Tutorials

The Printing Tutorials describe the various print options such as Duplexing and PDFs.

Printing Tutorials