Application Notes and Privacy

CleverCat for Wix does not have permission to alter data on your Wix website. The application can only read Wix Store Product Data and the Site Owner’s Email Address.

We use the Read Products permission for the sole purpose of uploading a copy of your Wix Store Products and Photos to our server for faster printing. If you remove the application, all documents, data, and photos are deleted immediately. If the application expires and you do not remove it, all documents, data, and photos will be deleted at the next housekeeping interval, which may be as soon as one week. For this reason, be sure to download any stored PDFs before your subscription lapses. If you re-install or re-subscribe to the application, you will have to upload your product data and photos again.

We do not sell, share, or otherwise disclose the Site Owner’s Email. We do not send you updates, offers, or reminders. We use your Email Address for the sole purpose of identifying which database is yours should you contact us for support.

CleverCat does not store financial information about our customers. Wix does not provide this information to CleverCat. Please reach out to us first if you have questions about your subscription or concerns about the App itself, but contact Wix Support for billing enquires.