Here is a small sample of actual clients' catalogs. These links are to the clients' websites and some catalogs are updated regularly. Please report any broken links to:

Flip-Book Style Catalogs

A Flipbook is created from a PDF file. So, there are two options for creating a Flipbook using CleverCat. Either upload your own PDF file to a Flipbook site or transfer your PDF directly from CleverCat to

Sample 1 - This client created their catalog online using CleverCat, downloaded the PDF, and then uploaded to

Sample 2 - This PDF was created online using CleverCat and then transferred directly to, with a single click, where it was automatically converted to a Flipbook.

Basic PDF

This is the simplest option for creating an online catalog. These clients have simply created their PDF online, downloaded it, and then uploaded it directly onto their own website.

Sample 1 - A basic grid template which displays a fixed number of items per page.

Sample 2 - A Dynamic template where the amount of text or options for each product varies.

Print Samples

Templates are designed to fit the data so the range of layouts is virtually unlimited.


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