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Copying and Moving Records

CleverCat has several powerful tools for manipulating data. The Copy / Move function was designed in response to how our clients want to organize their data.

Some of our clients import all their data in one, uncategorized block and then create the necessary categories. The Move function, along with the Select function allows them to easily organize their data into the correct categories.

Other clients use one database as a central data storage and then Copy records to other databases. This works well for those organization which have sales reps who don't have access to the source data. An administrator can export data from the central database to keep the individual sales reps' data current.

Destination Database If you will be copying to another database, select it from the Drop-Down list.

Duplicate Records If the category you are copying to already has data, avoid duplicating that data by selecting a field to compare and choose the No Duplicates option.

Update does not actually copy any data unless it finds a match using the Compare field, in which case, it replaces any existing data in the matched row and also adds any new data in other fields.

NOTE: This option will only work properly if the selected field contains unique data. For example, if you select Photo 1 as the comparison field, but several rows in the destination share the same photo, each matching row in the source data will be copied as they are found, resulting in every row in the destination having the same data.

Records Choose either Selected (highlighted) or Checked as the source records.

Destination Category If copying to the current database, it is necessary to select the Destination Category. If copying to another database, and you do not select the Destination Category, it can be created automatically if a category with the same name is not found.

Copy makes a copy of the selected records in the Destination Database / Category. Move does not make a copy of the records, it only relocates them to the Destination Category.

Move is not an available option between databases. Instead, first Copy the records to the Destination Database, load that database to confirm that the records have been copied, and then delete the original records from the Source Database.


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