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A database is simply the file that holds all your product data. Therefore, the first step in creating a catalog is to create a database. On the Main Menu, click the Create button, and enter a name when prompted.

Initially, you are limited to three databases.
For users with multiple accounts, the limit is calculated as: (Number of Users + 2)

If you require additional databases, please Contact Us. There is no charge for additional databases but--in our experience--there may be better ways of organizing your data within a database through categorization, and we'd be happy to help you explore that.

Click any database in the list to make it Current, which simply means that this will be the database file that will be used for any further operations, such as Editing or Printing.



Backup files allow you to restore your data to an earlier date. We strongly recommend you backup your database at regular intervals.

There is no Save button in CleverCat--changes are saved as you make them--so if you make an error that affects your data, it may be easier to restore your database.
Optionally, use the Copy button to make a duplicate of your database file.

There are two functions for recovering a database: Restore and Recreate


Restore replaces the contents of the currently selected database with the contents of the backup file.

CAUTION: This function can cause data loss if used improperly. Normally, you would Backup and Restore the same database and not be concerned with losing data. However, CleverCat gives you the option to restore your backup into a different file than the one the data came from. This is the equivalent of making a Copy of a database, except that you are making a Copy from an earlier date.

Recreate creates an entirely new database from the backup file. Enter the name of the file to create when prompted.

CAUTION: This function can cause data loss if used improperly. Restore will overwrite a file of the same name.


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