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The first step in creating a catalog is to create a database for your data. This can be done from CleverCat’s main screen.

Under databases, select Create. You will be prompted to name your database, which will then show up in the Database Table. The Current Database box shows the database that is currently in use. Click any database in the list to switch to that one instead.

After creating a database, the next step is to import your data from a spreadsheet. This is covered in the Importing Data tutorial.

Along with creating a new database, you are also given the option to Copy, Delete, or Backup an existing one. Creating periodic backups of your databases is recommended, so that you can restore a previous version of your database.

Backups can be selected in the same way that databases are. Select a backup and choose Restore to overwrite its corresponding database with the data from the backup. Alternatively, select Recreate to create a new database containing the backup’s data.

Finally, there is the option to allow Technical Support to access your database. For your privacy, Tech Support normally does not have access to your databases. If you require assistance with data issues or creating a template, you will need to set this option to Yes so that Tech Support can view your data.



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