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Copying and Pasting Data

Another way to import data from a spreadsheet into a CleverCat database is to copy columns directly from the spreadsheet into the Datasheet. This can be done from the Data Editor.

At the top of the Data Editor is the Category Window. Create a new category to import your data into by clicking the New button and then entering a name for the new category.

After creating your category, select it, and then the bottom part of the page will show the datasheet of your new, empty category.

Two columns of your datasheet will be labelled Print and Sub, while the others will be blank. Click any of the blank headers to bring up a dialog box that will allow you to name its column. Give it a descriptive name that explains what data goes in that column. It also does not matter which column you coose to use for a specific kind of data. Any Text, Price, Date or other Data Type can go into any column.

Once each column is your spreadsheet has a respective column in your database, use the Insert button on the bar above your datasheet to add empty rows to your datasheet. You are only able to add 100 rows at a time, so for a larger sheet you will need to add rows in groups of hundreds.

After that, select Cells as your Block Mode option. This will allow you to select cells individually, as with a regular spreadsheet. Copy one column of data from your spreadsheet. This can be done by clicking the Column Header on your spreadsheet, and then either pressing CTRL-C or right clicking and selecting Copy.

Then click on the first cell in its respective row on the datasheet, and then press CTRL-V to paste your data into your database. Repeat for every column in your spreadsheet.

To delete an unwanted row from your datasheet, click on it to select it, and then click Delete Selected on the bar above the datasheet.

Transferring Data Between Categories

If your imported data consists of only a single category, then you are finished. However, if your imported data belongs in multiple categories, you will need to transfer data from your first category to its new category.

Create additional categories as before, using the New button on the Category Window.

Now, you will either need to select or check the rows you want to transfer.

If you want to select rows for transfer, switch your Block mode to Rows. Then click the first row you want to transfer. Now, either Ctrl+Click each additional row you want to transfer to select them, or Shift+Click to select all rows between that row and the previously selected row.

If you want to check rows for transfer, use the checkboxes on the far left of the datasheet. Check the boxes of all rows that you want to transfer, and leave all other rows unchecked.

Whichever way you choose, next click the Copy/Move button on the sidebar. Under Range, choose whether you selected or checked the rows that you want to transfer. Then select the category that you want to transfer your data to from the destination list. Finally, select Move to transfer data. Alternatively, select Copy to transfer data while leaving a copy of it in the original category. With both Move and copy, rows will always be added to the bottom of the datasheet in the destination category.

Following these instructions, you should be able to copy a spreadsheet into the CleverCat database and then re-organize that data into multiple categories. If you transfer all of your data into new categories, you will then want to delete the original category.

To delete a category, select it in the Category Window and then click delete. You will be asked to confirm whether you want to delete that category.

CAUTION: When you delete a category, all the records in that category are deleted as well. There is no recovery from accidental deletion so it is recommended that you make backup copies of your data file.

One last function that may be useful is the Empty button on the Category window. This will delete all data within the current category, but leave its settings intact. Some users find they are more comfortable working in Excel. Deleting the data in this way allows them to re-import an updated Spreadsheet into existing categories, ready for printing.


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