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Copying and Pasting Data

Another way to import data from a spreadsheet is to copy columns directly from the spreadsheet into the Datasheet on the Data Editor form.

NOTE: This procedure does not work properly if the data you are pasting contains carriage returns. It is intended for data such as part numbers or prices, or single-line descriptions.


Create a New Category

Click the New button at the top of the Category Window to create a new, blank category. Enter a name for your new category when prompted.

If you are creating a new category that needs the same configuration as an existing category, select that category and click the Copy button, instead.

A category created using the Copy button will have all the same column and template configuration as the original, but none of the product data.

After creating a new category, click its name in the Category Window to open it in the Datasheet.


Column Headers

If you used the New button, your new category will have no Column Headers. They're not required at this stage but may make it easier for you to work with the data.

Click any blank Header to open a Dialogue Box that asks you for a name. Column Headers can be changed on the Category Editor form.




Add Rows to the Datasheet

Copy-and-Pasting overwrites existing data. So, your new category needs some data rows to overwrite. Enter a number and click the Insert button at the top of the Datasheet. If you already have data in the Datasheet, you can select the position for the new rows.

Next, select Cells as your Block Mode option. This will allow you to work with cells instead of rows.

If you organize the columns in your Spreadsheet to match those in the Datasheet, you can copy many columns at once. The names in the Column Headers do not matter, they're only there for reference.

Select a block of cells from your spreadsheet and press Ctrl+C to copy them to the clipboard.





Next, select a block of cells in the Datasheet and Press Ctrl+V.

IMPORTANT: Note that only 3 rows were highlighted in the Datasheet, but 4 rows were selected in the Spreadsheet. As a result, 4 rows were copied into the Clipboard, and pasted into the Datasheet.


NOTE: Pasting a block of data this way is the equivalent of typing a large amount of text in one stroke. This method has been tested with thousands of rows, but your results may vary depending on your browser and internet speed. Your browser may appear to be frozen while the data is transferred. Do not close the browser until the copy is complete. Expect the process to take 10 to 20 seconds for every hundred rows.


If you created more rows than you need, change the Block option back to Rows, and select the blank rows. Do this by clicking one row to highlight it, then hold down the Shift Key on your keyboard, then click another row. All rows in between the two selections will also be highlighted.

Click Delete Selected at the top of the Datasheet to remove the highlighted rows.


Lastly, there is a simple method for starting over if you make an error. Click the Empty button at the top of the Category Window to remove all data rows from the Datasheet while leaving all the category settings intact.


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