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Flipbook Product Catalogs

A Flipbook Product Catalog has never been easier to create. We have teamed with to create a simple, single-click option for converting your completed PDF into a Flipbook format.


On the Files Tab, click the Flipbook button and follow the prompts to name your publication.

The document will be uploaded to where it will be automatically converted into a Flipbook.
Click the Flipbooks Tab to see a list of all your publications. Click any name in the list and its URL will be displayed.

Usually, the entire process takes under a minute. However, at peak times, it may take several minutes for Yumpu's servers to index your document. In that case, your publication name will appear in the list but the URL will not be available.

The Update button serves two functions. If your publication did not receive an ID at the time it was uploaded, Update gets that ID along with the URL and Embedding Code.
You can also change your publication's Title, Description and Category and Update will send those changes to Yumpu.

Other Flipbook Sites

A Flipbook is created from a PDF file. So, to use any other Flipbook provider, simply download your completed PDF and then upload it to the Flipbook site.

Here is an example: Best Plush Inc. of a catalog created with CleverCat which has been uploaded to


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