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Adding a Product Photo

Image files can be uploaded and selected on the Data Editor page.

First, select and highlight the row on the datasheet that you want to assign an image to.

Next, double-click any cell in any Photo column to open the Photo Selector.


Photo Selector

To assign an image, either double-click the thumbnail in the Preview Grid, or select it and then click Select at the bottom of the window. The name of the image file should now be displayed in the cell in the Photo Column and a preview of the image should be shown in the upper-right corner of the Data Editor form.

NOTE: If you have a large number of images and know the name of the image file, you can just type it into the Select box at the bottom of the Photo Selector and click the Select button, to avoid having to search through the thumbnails.

The No Photo button removes the image from the currently selected row of the Datasheet, but does not delete the photo.

If you want to delete stored photos, click to highlight them in the Preview Grid and click the Delete Selected button. You can delete multiple photos at once by holding down the Shift of Control key on your keyboard while clicking photos in the grid.

Uploading Images

On the Left side of the Photo Selector is the Upload tool.

Click the Add Files button open a browsing window where you can select image files stored on your computer.
You can select multiple images to upload but this can take quite a bit of time.

NOTE: Images are limited to 1Mb by default. We can increase this if you need it, but we ask you to consider whether this is necessary or not. Beyond a certain point, large image files do not increase the printing quality but increase the size of the PDF file, resulting in longer printing times and making it more difficult to email.
Most users will find files in the 100Kb range will provide good printing quality while keeping the PDF file to a manageable size.

The Clear All button does not delete the files, it only clears the list to make it easier to read if you are uploading more files.

If you upload a file with the same name as an existing file, the orginal file will be overwritten.

By default, Images are saved in the root folder of your private directory. If you need to organize the files so that each category has its own folder, create that folder on the Category Editor form under the Photo Sub-Folder option.


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