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Color Palette

On the template design forms, the Font, Background and Border colors of most elements can be changed.

Colors are identified by a code such as #ffffff, which happens to be White.

Click the box with the color code you want to change, to open the color selection tool.

There are several different ways to select a color.

  • 1) Double-click anywhere in the large color palette to select the desired color.
  • 2) Use your mouse to drag the cross-hairs to a spot in the palette and then click the Select button.
  • 3) If you know the hexadecimal code for the color you want, you can enter it directly in the code box below the palette.
  • 4) If you know the RGB (Red, Green, Blue) values for your color, you can enter those directly in the value boxes below the palette.
  • 5) Click any of the color boxes at the bottom of the tool to select a saved color.

The vertical slider to the right of the palette is a Saturation selector. User your mouse to slide this up or down to fine-tune the color selection.

Saving Colors

To save a color to the palette for easier selection, click one of the eight color boxes at the bottom of the selection tool before selecting a color. Then click the Save the Color button to save the color in the selected box.

Transparent Option

When selecting a Background color, you must also decide if the color is transparent or not. On the design pages, a cell which has a transparent background will be displayed as partially transparent but still show the selected color. This is just for making it easier to identify cells during the design phase. On the printed PDF, a transparent cell will have no background color at all.


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