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The Print Menu can be accessed from the sidebar.

The left table on the print menu shows a list of all your categories. You can use the checkboxes in the table to select which categories you want to print. Printing your catalog will save a complete file of your catalog on CleverCat's servers.

You can also click a category to select it and then click the Preview button on the sidebar to view a preview of just that category. You can save the Preview directly to your computer, but it will not be saved on CleverCat's servers.

You can change the print order of categories by dragging and reordering them within the table. After either reordering or enabling/disabling categories, you should click Renumber Index to recalculate the page numbers for your catalog.

When you click the Print button, you will be prompted to enter a name for the printed file. After you do that, the catalog will be queued for printing. To the right of the Category Table, under the Files tab, you will find a list of all your printed catalogs. Click the Update button to see if your catalog has finished printing.

Once you have your printed catalog, you can select it and click View PDF to open the completed file. From there, you can download the file to your computer.

You can also select Publish to host your catalog on CleverCat's servers. The URL for this hosted catalog can be set on the Config page.

Printing Options

Also to the right are the printing options. The first tab, Options, allows you to select general options that affect the whole catalog.

Page Numbering

The Page Numbering options change whether category numbers are incremental, starting from the select value, or use the index numbers defined in the datasheet.

The Rebuild Page Index option will cause the page numbers to be redetermined during the printing process. This is useful for catalogs that use dynamic style templates, as the number of items that fit on a page cannot be accurately determined until the page is printed.


The Duplex option causes elements in the Page Header and Footer to swap sides on alternating pages.

In the below example, the elements in the Page Header - the Company Banner and the Category Label - alternate sides with alternating pages. If a Page Number and Option Text are used in the Page Footer, they will alernate sides as well.

Price Markups

The Price Markup option will change the values of fields which were defined as Number or Currency on the Template Designer.

This function does not change the recorded values in the database. It only changes the printed value. Enter a Discount value as a Negative. For example, enter -10 for a 10% discount.

The Global option will apply to all categories. If you want each category to have a different Markup, select the Individual option. This will cause CleverCat to use the Markups defined on the Category Editor. If the Blank option is selected, prices will not be printed. However, if the price is a column in a Detail Table, the column will still be there.

Other Options

Under Miscellaneous, there is the Compact option, which will cause all categories to print as if they belonged to the same category. To do this, they all use the template assigned to the first category.

Without the Compact option, each new category starts printing at the top of a new page. With the option, new categories can start printing mid-page, following the last item in the previous category.

The Category Label will override all Category Labels that you have set using the Category Editor.

The Option Text setting allows you to set option text that applies to all printed categories. Option Text prints in the page footer, opposite the page number. If this setting is chosen, it will override any individual Option Text settings defined in the Category Editor.

The Table of Contents / Index and Labels tabs will be covered in other tutorials.



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