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QR Codes

A QR Code can be added to a Product Layout, just like any other cell.


A QR Code is always square. So, if you place a cell on the Design Pad which is not perfectly square, the QR Code will automatically adjust to fit the space you have created for it to the largest possible size, without distortion.

If you want to have a border around your code, you should adjust the shape of the cell to make it square.


After placing the cell, click the Cell Tab and change the Data Type to Barcode. Next, select one of the four available Error Correction Levels for the QR Code.


You can change the color of the cell and its background on the Format Tab, just like a text cell. The only difference is that a QR Code cell cannot be transparent.


On the Tuning Tab, you can set the Layer if you want the code to print on top of another cell.

The QR Code will always be centered in the space you define for it. So, only the Top Padding control works for this Cell Type and the space you set will be set equally on all sides.


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