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Manual Data Editing

CleverCat also allows you to directly edit data within the datasheet.

To directly edit a cell in your datasheet, just double-click it. For most cells, this will bring up a box where you can edit the data stored in the cell. Click anywhere outside the box to save your edits.

If the cell is in a Photo column, this will instead bring up a window where you can select a photo to assign to that cell. You may also upload images from this window.

If a column currently does not have a label, you can click on the blank header to name it. If the column already has a label, it can be changed on the Category Editor page.

Columns can be reorganized by clicking the column header and then dragging it to its new position. The reordering of columns is not immediately saved; click Save Columns on the sidebar to retain the new order for future sessions.

To reorder rows, your Block Mode must be set to Rows. Click and drag any row to reorder it. If you use Ctrl+Click or Shift+Click to select multiple rows at once, all selected rows can be reordered as a group.

To insert more rows into your datasheet, use the Insert button on the bar above the datasheet. You can select whether rows will be inserted at the top of the datasheet the bottom of the datasheet, or above the currently selected row. You are only able to add 100 rows at a time, so for a larger sheet you will need to add rows in groups of hundreds.

To delete rows, select the rows you wish to delete and then click Delete Selected.

You can also set the Block Mode to Cells to manipulate data similarly to a spreadsheet. Click anywhere on your datasheet and drag to draw a box and select all cells within the box. You can then press Ctrl+C to copy all data within the selected cells. Click a different cell within the spreadsheet and then press Ctrl-V to paste the copied data into the spreadsheet, using cells below and to the right of the selected cell.


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